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Hi! I am Anna Hughes, founder and creator of this website and a free private community I invite you to join.

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A passionate endurance runner for over 23 years, enduring in mountain trail running I know what it takes to achieve big physical goals. I support your big dreams and help you realize your goals with more ease and balance.

No hustling, grinding, clocking the miles, pounding the pavement and putting yourself in a tight corset.

I look forward to inspire and guiding you to experience the best in you. Evolving into the athlete you´re born to be.

And if you are already one of those 'crazy' super-humans - no need to say 'extreme' just yet - who can’t get enough of running ultra marathons day in, day out...

...bear with me for a moment.

The answer may be quite simple.

As runners, we share the passion to explore our limits with every step that we run.

The longer we run, the more miles we cover beyond the marathon distance, the more interesting it gets. And needless to say, the more in tune we become with our mind, body and soul.

My journey as an ultra marathon runner started a few years ago whilst reading this question in a book:

Ask yourself what you really want to try and do in life right now?

Within an instant, images of an ultra marathon event in the Sahara Desert appeared in my head. I finally achieved my goal in 2008 and fulfilled my ultimate dream, which has proved to be a life-changing experience! Like pieces of a puzzle, everything during my preparations fell into place despite having no previous experience of ultrarunning.

The training and mental conditioning altered my perception of running, and ultimately, changed my attitude to life.

A runner of fifteen years and in the meantime, also a mother of two daughters, I have come a long way to discover my true passion for ultramarathons.

This website was created for those who are looking to leave the well-trodden path for a while and head in a new direction.

It is aimed at helping you step out of the comfort zone and access your potential. Running ultramarathons could possibly transform your life in many ways!

Whether you are new to running or have already completed some half-marathons and marathons, or you are simply getting bored with fighting your way out of the big crowds in city marathons.

This guide will give you all the necessary information to prepare you for a swift shift into ultrarunning.

Of course, it is intended that the experienced ultra runners are catered for as well, with helpful tips and opinions aimed at keeping athletes up-to-date in the ultrascene.

Intrigued? You`ll find out how to:

  • avoid common mistakes when first stepping up your training
  • find a program for ultramarathon training that is suited to your needs and helps you maintain that important balance in your life
  • reset your priorities in order to get maximum effects from your training runs
  • master the art of integrating your ultrarunning training and keeping your loved ones happy
  • make use of your maximise to maximize your efforts in races, training and every day life
  • manage your stress levels and turn resolutions into habits
  • deal with common running-injuries and applying the right treatments
  • shorten recovery periods through eating a healthy diet based on fresh, organic foods
  • optimize your nutrition and prepare satisfying and simple meals
  • benefit from interval training and hill running
  • find the right running race suited to your ideas and needs
  • prepare for your first ultramarathon and get to that finish line
  • invest in basic running gear and clothes that get you through all seasons
  • survive in multi-stage races where the right materials count
  • ultimately gain greater clarity and confidence in what you want your life to be

Of course, the female athletes deserve special attention, too. Explore how to:

  • get through pregnancy feeling fit and strong
  • build post-natal fitness and integrate running into your daily routine

Don`t wait! Become the ultrarunner you want to be today and live your passion!

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