100km Millau, France

by Harriet Kjaer

I did a wonderful race in the beautiful area of Ayveron in France.

The run took place in and around Millau and we passed under the famous Viaduct de Millau twice.
I am a raw vegan athlete and have been mainly a Fruitarian for 7 months, and am truly thriving.

I was living a vegetarian and vegan diet for 10 years before transitioning to a raw diet.
I buy very ripe fruits and get them almost for free from a fruit-shop in my area in Barcelona. They give away their fruits when they are almost too ripe to sell, which means I get them when they are best to eat. The riper the fruits the more raw energy I get and it's my perfect fuel for running and getting that sparkle in my life.

I finished the race in 12hrs 36 mins. and enjoyed every bit of it, eating only bananas, mango and papaya. I didn't use gels, salts or artificial "nutrition".
I recovered immediately and have no muscle-pain or other discomforts.

From my experience as a marathon runner I put my performance down to my all-fruit diet alllowing me to feel powerful and healthy.

There is no doubt in my mind that this experience wouldn't have been the same on a conventional diet.
Another great outcome was: being absolutely certain about my nutritional needs.
Certain and confident that whatever happens, as long as I can find bananas at the aid stations everything is going to be ok and I will get through.
Thank you Anna for your great pre-race nutritional advice.

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