Intensive 1:1 Coaching

Do you have a big dream in mind? A goal that scares you but you know you want to achieve?

Or are you playing with the idea stepping up to the distance but struggle to take the first step?

I hear you. I understand how scary and difficult it can feel to figure out what it takes to achieve something big. The bigger the goal, the bigger the fear of not making it, of not succeeding, not feeling good enough. 

In my work with clients from all around the world and from my own experience I learned that it´s not so much about the physical training to get from A to B.

Many other factors play a part on the journey to the finish line.

The experience you get in working with me is more personal than any computer-generated training plan with little to no support from a human being. 

But it´s the decisive factor to your success. You have my back as we explore what goal you want to achieve. 

Whether it´s a particular race you want to do or you simply desire personal support for upleveling your fitness, I´m here for you.  

You will learn to train efficiently to still have a life. 

Nothing is supposed to fall by the wayside or feel like a compromise. If anything, your sport can become your lifestyle with ease and joy.

My coaching is for you if you want to achieve your goal with ease and total confidence. 

If you want to improve your endurance and feel leaner and fitter in your body.

If you want to shift towards your ideal weight without a restrictive diet. 

If you want to radiate happiness and joy. A happier YOU. 

I offer a 4-week coaching package including a weekly 20-minute skype call, a training plan exactly tailored to your needs, pdfs and audios on mindset, race prep and nutrition. You´ll also receive 24/7 email support. 

I deeply care about you achieving your goal,  no matter your circumstances, no matter whether you´re an experienced athlete or are looking to find your way into endurance sports. 

The price for the package is $ 157. 

If you´re ready, you can sign up right here.