Craniosacral Therapy

What the Craniosacral Therapy Can Do For You

Maybe you've already heard of the craniosacral therapy and even found out for yourself how good it feels to take a holistic approach to the healing process.

Or are you currently dealing with an injury and have sought for cure by seeing a doctor that prescribed high doses of ibuprofen, for example, or other remedies.

The craniosacral therapy is what I would call a win-win situation speaking in terms of getting the maximum outcome for your mind and your body. It is indeed a well-established and recognized alternative therapy with a holistic approach.

As a matter of fact, dealing with more severe injuries can be challenging on the mind. You're afraid of losing fitness by having to take forced rest which then consequently becomes a very frustrating situation. So throwing in more pain killers eases the superficial pains for a while but what about taking a deeper look at the cause of the pain, i.e. the injury? Numbing the physical pain is like cheating on yourself. Great to get you through the next run but the body is so much smarter. Eventually, the thumping pains become even worse and you're caught in a spiral that's hard to get out of unless we start looking into how we can strenghten the mind-body connection.

Previous to my key race of the year, the Swiss Jura Marathon, I had to deal with a few niggles and pains on top of my left foot and around my right knee.

In early June and the race coming closer and closer I slightly paniced and felt desperate to sort out the physical pains. I wanted to get to the start line fully recovered and free from injury. Icing and ibuprofen might work short-term but...

Little did I know that these injuries actually gave me a hint to look a bit deeper inside and discover unhidden powers.

A good friend of mine recommended to try Craniosacral therapy. It is often called CST or cranial osteopathy.

What you don't try, you don't gain!

I instantly trusted the therapists abilities to guide me along. Elisabeth can show for over twelve years of experience.

We arranged eight appointments within four weeks which is very intense but was neccessary to get the desired effects.

Lying on a couch, the therapist places her hands on areas like shoulder blades, lower back, head, legs and feet. Often reversely to where you think it's neccessary. The cerebrospinal fluid gets activated and suddenly I was feeling incredible energy. We also worked a lot on visualising pictures that would keep me going during the highs and lows of the race.

In the first two sessions I was able to let go of some old beliefs and turn self-pitying into a positive affirmation. By that stage my hips were not aligned properly and after the third treatment I lay there straight. As a result, my back, hips, knees, ankles and feet never got tired of running on the trails because I was so well-aligned.

So, as opposed to pampering bodily pain I was able to feel tremendous inner strengths develop after three sessions. That helped me even more so to engage in the moment.

I also discovered how to use nature's elements to get into a state of flow whilst running.

We all tend to look too far into the future, sometimes full of worry or look too far back into the past which also doesn't help!

In ultramarathon races, being able to enjoy the moment is what counts. The biggest surprise was when Elisabeth stood by the finish line on Day 5 with a big yellow smiley balloon. I fell into her arms thanking her for everything that she helped me to make possible for the race.

Next time you're dealing with injury, take a look beyond pain and forego the obvious treatments!

In order to find a practitioner near you, take a look here.

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