How a Short-Term Escape Into The Sahara Changed My Life 

Dear ultra running friend,

I´d like to share a very personal story with you, my journey into the South-Moroccan Sahara Desert that marked the beginning of my ultra running career. 

A few years have passed since I embarked on that special journey. I still keep on living on the major experience and the changes that happened afterwards.

It was in the Sahara Desert back in 2008 where I unleashed a passion that I never thought possible. I realize that the years have passed since then. Not a day goes by without thinking about the Marathon des Sables.  

Every runner seeks for something else out there in the desert. Some return every year to cover another 250 K in six days never knowing what to expect. You can never be sure what to expect. You can have a master plan but believe me, at least 10% of being able to cross the finish is down to the ability to improvise. The remaining percentages are down to your willpower and your physical capacities. 

Without a doubt, it has been a rewarding experience in many ways for my mind, body and soul. 

I believe that most runners that decide to put the ladder way up high - often higher than what they think they can do - are in search for something else that has not necessarily to do with the running part of the race. They want to see and find out what´s beyond, what comes next.


Or why are you running all those extra miles?


Just recently, I had an interesting talk with a nice man who asked me how much I run each week and why I´m racing such long distances. 

"I´m curious and forever motivated to discover what happens when I keep pushing myself both mentally and physically. And when I´m really tired, my legs don´t want to move a muscle anymore I keep excelling and never ever stop running due to tiredness. I can be very clear and alert in my mind irrespective how tired I feel in my legs.

In those moments, the mind comes into play and you allow it to take full control over your next steps carrying you along to the finish line. It´s the  overwhelming feeling and having accomplished something I had to work hard for and took me months of preparation that makes it worth every step. 

When I come to realize what I have achieved in the days, weeks and months after a race I experience leaps of self-development, a clarity about myself and that I´m at total ease with myself."

The man resigned from asking me an more questions and instead, started grasping for air. He found himself cursing on the edge of his own limiting beliefs. 

The finish line is like a metaphor for life. It marks the end of a long distance and in truth, sets the start line to a new journey. 

The moment you begin to fight your inner demon and attempt to beat it down, you´ve lost.

The key to finishing any ultra marathon is to try and maintain a strong balance between mind, body and soul. You´re running with other competitors and never against yourself. It´s when you're strong in your mind that the legs will do the rest and keep moving. 

People usually assume that ultra runners are escaping from something and that it´s dangerous to become addicted to running. 

Escape from what? Run away from what? What exactly is dangerous and how can we judge on others without having gone through an experience similarly?

In reality, my friend was confronted with his own limits and beliefs that stopped him from putting on a pair of running shoes himself. 

The race through the desert taught me more about myself than I had dreamed of. Possibly even more than some spiritual guru in India could have taught me in a 2-week meditation and yoga retreat.

No one in the world can teach you lessons about yourself, about who you are. 

No one can take you by the hand and run an ultra marathon for and with you.

No one can tell you how things will turn out for you, what you´re going to experience in an ultra marathon.

No one can know exactly what will happen along the way.


Except that only you can be the master of your journey. 

Exactly that knowledge sets energies free that allow you to shift your limits. 

Ultramarathon running goes deeper than a normal jog around the block. It is a vehicle that helps you master your life differently as you get to know yourself a little better each time. 

It doesn´t make a difference whether you´re a professional, highly-ambitious runner looking to improve your PR or whether you´re running at the end of the field aiming to finish the race before cut-off.

The emotional story of my journey into the desert, going beyond the hard facts of the Marathon des Sables, is as close as you can get if you´ve not already run the race yourself. It may reveal new aspects about the spirits to veterans. It´s also a must-read for those wanting to sniff some ultra marathon air helping to understand what drives men and women out into the middle of nowhere each year.

It´s a capturing story that can inspire more women to go out there and try to run distances that stretch beyond what´s considered normal.

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