I found something that helps me work out hard and recover very quickly

by JO JO

I am not saying I am a super sports or athletic person but I have found something that really works wonderfully for me.

It is called Factor 4 Weight Control. It was invented by a fellow (Dr. George Scheele) that was a researcher at John Hopkins. His area of research was the pancreas.

It is a very interesting protein powder that he came up with.

It is composed of positively charged amino acids. He now has an ebook on the subject. When I use the shake along with other foods I notice far less pain in my knees and my muscles take hardly a day to recover after exertion.

There is polarity to molecules. And there is polarity to amino acids of course too.

When I use his powder I have noticed far fewer times that I want anything sweet. My musculature improves and my stamina is better. As I said recovery time is much shorter. Before if I did lots of squats it would take days for my thighs to feel better. Now I can hardly tell I did anything.

From JO JO

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