I started running at about 50 and have done a few marathons I'm now training for a 50K but I don't really feel like I know what I'm doing. What is most different about an ultra compared to a marathon?

by Stephanie

Regarding your questions on the 'right' or ideal training there is no real secret other than steadily building your mileage and integrating long runs into your training routine.

Try and run 75-90 minutes one day and 45-60 the next day. These are called back-to-back runs and teach the body to deal with extra muscle fatigue.

That's what happens during an ultra race. After a few hours of running, the mind and body fatigue and that's where your body can learn to deal with this by simulating what happens in an ultra. Also try and find a slightly undulating course and avoid running on tarmac too much.

Ultramarathons require you to have mental strength more so than in a classic marathon. With 3 months to go until your 50K race you might want to create a vision board where you manifest a goal. If you're convinced that you can finish the ultramarathon you will. The mind is stronger than the body.
The longer the ultra distance the more mindpower is needed in order to get to the finish line. Gently build your long runs, integrate some strength exercises into your routine and work on mental training.

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