I was diagnosed with a form of collitis. Is it recommendable to eat more raw foods?

by Laura
(Palermo, Italy)

Regarding your nutrition I recommend to start gently by integrating green smoothies into your diet and even replace breakfast or lunch with a big smoothie you can sip throughout the morning or afternoon.

The liquidized fruits, best mixed in a Kitchenaid 5KSB555EER Standmixer, Artisan-Serie, rot and greens help the body to absorb the nutrients fast and efficiently.

In the beginning, green smoothies can cause gas or leaving you feeling bloated but that should get better. It's a normal effect of the cleansing process that takes place when consuming more raw fresh and unprocessed foods.

Even if you start with 3-4 smoothies per week, you'll reap benefits from it. Better recovery, more energy and great skin.
For dinner, you can prepare raw soups. By eating more raw foods you'll naturally crave less cooked and processed foods, even meats. It's mostly habits that keep us away from trying something new. That's why it's important not to be too radical and change too much in one day but allowing yourself 4-6 weeks to see what happens when drinking smoothies and eating more salads, also with respects to your collitis.

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