I will be taking part in a 24-hour race at the end of the month. What are the best and easiest foods to prepare and take with me?

by Kathy
(South Carolina)

Basically, it's important to test all the foods and drinks you plan on using in a race in your training. That's the only way to find out what your stomach tolerates. Especially during long runs, different foods and drinks should be tested over a number of months. Decide whether you can digest liquid calories better or whether you prefer solid foods, or a mix of the two. That's very individual.

I can highly recommend Hammer Perpetuem Energy Drink 1104g (16 Portionen) specially during 12 and 24-hour races in combination with Hammergel Box 12 Beutel 36g Himbeer.

Prepare 5-6 multi bottles this way: put 6-6.5 scoops of Perpetuem and mix with 500ml of water. Place on a table during the 24-hr race and sip every 15 minutes.

The caloric intake should be between 200-250 calories per hour from drinks and foods.
Plan your race nutrition carefully and thoroughly.
In addition to Hammer Perpetuem, take one gel/bar per hour and replenish lost minerals with 10 x Dr. Antonio Martins Bio Coco Juice Pur 500 ml, an ideal source for electrolytes.

Even if you don't feel like eating straight away, the body will be depleted after 10 or 15 hours and not be able to absorb many nutrients. In order to avoid a decrease in your performance, start eating after 60(!) minutes and ingest small amounts of calories every 15 minutes instead of a big meal every 2 hours.
Dried fruits can also work really well in long ultra races along with salted bretzels and nuts.

Vegan sports bars and even bread rolls with peanut butter work for some ultrarunners.

You know best whether you like sweet or savoury foods better. Often, sweet foods work for a few hours and then become less palatable as the race goes on. That's when you might feel like switching to more savoury foods and gels with citrus taste. I would steer away from mars and snickers bars - foods that are often and quite surprisingly given out in races.

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