I'm curious on the pain relief you are having with your orthotics?

by Peter

I have suffered from knee and back pain and been through every physical therapy program. I also had dynamic scans of my foot done and my back x-rayed. Would you say that orthotics make a difference?

Answer: I got my tailor-made orthotics after a thorough analysis of my running style, axis, legs, feet and overall body posture.

I must say that when I wore them in the beginning that they have helped me. Initially, I felt great relief in my left heel where I've had chronic pain in my plantar but long-term they haven't lived up to my expectations to progress with the healing.

I then decided to try a pair of Inov-8 running shoes. They're designed to help the feet's natural movement instead of letting high-tech materials do the job. The issue often is that our feet get used to comfortable material all too quickly so that it becomes harder and harder to keep it simple and developing niggles and pains.

I put my orthotics away after about three months and am happily running on without much additional support.

Too much cushioning and support can go the other way!

I can conclude that orthotics are worth a try and suggest to get a thorough analysis with a qualified doctor and follow their recommendations. Personally, I would steer away from getting too dependent on orthotics.

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