How to Supercharge Your Mind With Paraliminals

Have you listened to paraliminals or other relaxation tapes before that supposedly have a calming effect on the mind and body?

And found that these mind power audio programs only have short-term effects on your recovery? You might initially feel great and relaxed but certain patterns just don't change?

You're not alone.

Most techniques that help you to make the mind stronger require effort and work. That's fine if you have the time but as ultrarunners, it can be suggested that that's not the case for the majority of us who have busy family and working lives.

I learned a meditation technique years ago that did get me the results I wanted - back then. With regards to the preparations for the desert stage race this technique definitely worked for a while because I started meditating early on, about six months before the race. There was enough time to let visions settle into the sub-conscious mind.

I sat down to meditate for twenty minutes, five times a week and mostly in the evenings. I would visualize crossing the finish line being overwhelmed and happy to have achieved what I had strived for. I could often feel the emotions and motions of running as if they were real.

Noticing the relaxing effects of meditating in a deeply-relaxing state was rewarding. Yet, I felt I needed to work the mind intensely and create visions actively in order to get the desired effects. Certain parts of the brain get activated during meditation and many people find great comfort in it. On most days it took me about fifteen minutes to fully relax and sometimes I would just get into a state of deeper relaxation when the twenty minutes were up.

The important question is:

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What if there was another, more effective creative visualization technique that requires as little as twenty minutes?

The difference between various mindpower tools is that like creating a vision board, you consciously put inner visions onto paper, i.e. the pin board and these visions eventually turn into reality.

This can be called an active effort to realise a goal. Another equally important part of mental training is relaxation, in other words a type of relaxation where you either lie or sit down and no other efforts are required.

Paraliminals do exactly that.

Here are five reasons why paraliminals are recommendable:

  • They appeal to anyone and even more so to ultrarunners where a strong mind counts
  • During a listening session, you are likely to go on autopilot because it requires no conscious efforts on your part; plug in the stereophones, sit back and relax
  • Finding 20 minutes for this type of passive relaxation is do-able; view it as conscious "me"-time
  • They fire up your motivation in such a way that you'll be able to overcome a mental low much easier
  • You decide when you need to listen to paraliminal; there are a few guidelines to when they would be most effective but you generally go by feeling

Contrary to subliminals, paraliminals are more than repetitive affirmations and don't contain hidden messages below(sub) the threshold of conscious awareness. They include a special technology called Holosync.

When you listen to a paraliminal CD each ear receives two distinct voices with messages tailored to different hemispheres of the brain. Each tone you hear has a frequency and the brain will adjust the difference of those frequencies and "phantom" two tones at an average frequency.

Now, if the two sounds you hear on the CD are close enough in frequency the brain will produce binaural beats which automatically adjust the brainwave patterns to a desired frequency and stay there. So you're still in a conscious state and deeply relaxing at the same time.

As you might know, certain brain frequencies represent a corresponding state of awareness. Delta, to give one example, is the stage of deep sleep whereas beta is the normal waking state. Two others defined as alpha and theta are states in which you can experience deep relaxation and where people commonly experience improved memory, creativity and concentration.

All paraliminal programs range in the alpha-theta state. The bottom line is that it's about how the mind receives messages.

Listening to paraliminals can save you months of trying various other mind power audio programs. They are the answer to all questions that may concern you as an ultrarunner.

Whether you are dealing with an injury right now or are just about to participate in another ultra race:

There are two specific paraliminals I recommend: Perfect Health and Peak Performance, A and B".

I've been working with these for the past year. Interestingly, you don't start as a beginner and the more you listen to a session the better you get. Basically, you decide beforehand what you want to address and the voices of the paraliminal will guide you through. Each audio program is 20-25 minutes long, the "Peak Performance" CD contains two sessions.

I used Perfect Health last year after an overuse injury of my foot and consequently listened to the CD until it began to heal. Often, injuries indicate an imbalance in the body and the Perfect Health paraliminal lets you focus on the healing processes. Of course, paraliminals can't replace medical treatments as such but believing in your own resources does aid recovery and healing of injuries.

During my last stage race, I listened to Perfect Health after the first and third stage. I also used Peak Performance before the race started and on the evening of Day 2 and Day 4.

What happened?

I felt totally fired up with motivation and managed to pull myself out of mental and physical lows easier and quicker. I was able to let negative thoughts and even doubts pass by and focus on the joy of running. On day 5, I had the run of my life cruising through the whole stage with such lightness and serenity. It also enabled me to focus solely on myself rather than worry about fellow competitors.

Paraliminals are additional tools to work on your mental strength as a way to deepen a specific goal and allowing yourself to relax.

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