Really noticing some benefits when wearing compression socks

by Weldon
(Pine Valley, CA USA)

I have started more routinely wearing a pair of Salomon EXO Calf Sleeves for longer races, 15K and beyond.

When I first got the calf sleeves, I tried them out on a couple of short 5K and 10K runs and didn't think too much of them except that they felt slightly tight and a tiny bit warm.

I later tried them on some longer 10-15 mile training runs and must have gotten used to them, and/or broken them in a bit, because they didn't seem to be a bother at all. Still, though, they had no noticeable positive effect either - but these were fairly slow, easy runs.

It was chilly the morning I was preparing for the start of the recent Noble Canyon 50K and, though I was a little concerned about the temperature warming later, I decided to wear the calf sleeves. For this longer and faster run, not only did I forget they were there (even once the temperature warmed to the mid 70's) I did actually feel like they were helping. My calves really felt pretty good for the whole 31 miles and they didn't tighten up sorely, afterward, as they had a day or two after a half marathon I did a few months earlier.

I've since run another half marathon and an 18K race wearing the calf sleeves with the same positive effect. Conversely, when I didn't wear the calf sleeves during even short training runs between races, I could often feel my calves tightening and feeling sore shortly into the runs. At this point, I feel it is unlikely that my experience is either coincidence or psychological. I do think they work.

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Oct 17, 2011
Helpful Insight
by: Anna from URI

Thank you, Weldon, for your sharing your expert knowledge. It shows how much of a diversified matter compression socks are. Great that you've found a brand that makes your legs feel good and light on-the-run.

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