The Rice Treatment

Find Out When To Apply RICE

If you notice the first signs of an injury developing, applying the RICE treatment and its philosophy first thing is the most intelligent way to act.

Injuries are generally a lot more patient at getting better than we are willing to accept!

If you pick up an injury, give it chance to settle and stabilise.

Give an injury a minimum or 48-72 hours before you start to manipulate it with massage or stretching etc. This method is the well-known and recommended first line of action:

R – Rest It

I – Ice It, promotes blood flow

C – Compress It, bandage - promotes blood flow

E – Elevate it, promotes blood flow

The classic mistake that we must avoid is going out for a run again a day or so later to see if that niggle still hurts, as repetitive strain on top of an injury spells disaster even if you do get past the tree where it began to hurt yesterday!

We actually have no excuse for this as cross training is in every ultra marathon runner’s tool chest, and we must avoid the idea that what makes you bad, makes you better.

Sporting injuries are not hangovers, use alternative methods to satisfy your need to maintain that hard earned fitness.

Additional to rest, there are also numerous anti-inflammatory products on the market, which can be stuck on, rubbed on, sprayed on. It depends very much on the individual and the particular injury as to which one will work best.

Please note the difference between painkillers, which mask pain, and anti-inflammatory medicines, which reduce inflammation, which is causing pain. Although we have all done it. Taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicine profilactically prior to workouts is not a sustainable or healthy endeavour.

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