Something That Helps Me Work Out Hard and Recover Quickly

by JO JO


I am not saying I am a super sports or athletic person but I have found something that really works wonderfully for me. It is called Factor 4 Weight Control. It was invented by a fellow (Dr. George Scheele) that was a researcher at John Hopkins. His area of research was the pancreas. It is a very interesting protein powder that he came up with.

It is composed of positively charged amino acids. He now has an ebook on the subject. When I use the shake along with other foods I notice far less pain in my knees and my muscles take hardly a day to recover after exertion.

There is polarity to molecules. And there is polarity to amino acids of course too. He explained that the American diet is actually far lower in positively charged amino acids and that is causing disease, cravings, and weight issues. When I use his powder I have noticed far fewer times that I want anything sweet.

My musculature improves and my stamina is better. As I said recovery time is much shorter. Before if I did lots of squats it would take days for my thighs to feel better. Now I can hardly tell I did anything.

Another thing, NEVER eat flaxseeds. I experimented with them and the toxin (thiocyanate) in them almost put me under before I found out about it. No one mentions this anywhere. And recently they have ban the sale of them in countries like France. Thiocyanate keeps your thyroid from absorbing the much needed iodine in your diet.

When that happens you don't make enough thyroxine and you get tired, headaches, constipation, low hormone production, gain weight, in short your thyroid is poisoned. I was lucky to have done the research to find out what was causing my problems. It doesn't have omega 3. The body robs other nutrients from you to try to make a conversion to omega 3 from the elements in the seed but it can't. As time goes on you get more poisoned. You can even go into a coma.

This happened to a woman that ate lots of bok choy. It was found that the thiocyanate in that plant shut her thyroid down. Flaxseed has much more of the poison than bok choy.

From JO JO

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Feb 19, 2012
by: Anna from URI


wow, thank you so much for your thorough article and report on a subject on which opinions differ a lot in terms of what really speeds recovery and therefore allows greater levels of performance.

Especially the part on flaxseeds is very interesting because it is usually considered a healthy (super)food amongst raw/vegan foodists and your article makes us all think to become even more aware of what we're eating each day.

Great contribution and respects to dedicating so much time!

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