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Learn About The Secrets Of Raw and Vegan Athletes

Why are the numbers of vegan athletes increasing? And why even more significantly in endurance sports?

As you know, the type of foods you consume daily have either a positive or a negative influence on your performance and well-being as an athlete. You might not always feel all too conscious about the effects of the foods you're eating.

The differences can be subtle or very noticeable. Nevertheless, you are what you eat. I've heard a few ultrarunners say, hey, I'm actually pretty successful at what I'm doing. Why should I go vegan or even raw? I'm not feeling too bad on my current diet.

I was at that point, too.

I remember sitting next to a Andreas, a two-time finisher of the Marathon des Sables, on the bus that was taking us back to the hotel after finishing. Holding on tightly to my medal and overcome with tiredness from the week's exertion, I nearly fell asleep when Andreas suddenly started talking about his diet.

In particular how he turned vegan which has helped him to finish this race so much better than in 2006. What had been originally set up as a bet between a friend and him, turned into a completely new lifestyle for him. He felt amazing after only a couple of weeks and noticed a spike in his energy levels initially. Andreas used to live the SAD (Standard American Diet) including fair amounts of meat and processed foods.

What seemed even more interesting to me was the fact that his running had improved. Based in London with a family and full-time job he didn't change much about his training as such.

What he found, though, was that he could recover faster and run back-to-back sessions on a regular basis without getting injured. Meanwhile, Andreas lives mainly raw during the week and incorporates cooked vegan meals on weekends to enjoy with his family.

I felt thrilled to get all this interesting information. Back home, I decided to change my diet quite radically eliminating all dairy produce and meat from one day to the next. Up to this day, I've not missed cheese, yogurt and cow's milk at all. These foods don't interest me anymore and therefore I don't feel restricted.

Diet is referred to as how we eat. As soon as we feel limited and that we're not allowed to combine certain foods we drift into a vicious circle. Most diets fail in the long-term because people develop cravings for the 'forbidden' foods. The foods, that they'd rather not be eating. Self-discipline turns into frustration, emotional balancing and in worst cases into real eating disorders.

There is one common denominator amongst all diets out there. They all have in common the exact same two foods that are eliminated to have long-term success, i.e. keeping excess weight off your body. Firstly, it's all refined sugars and secondly all processed starches. When you start eating more fresh fruits you'll get the sugars from the fruit but they aren't being stored as fat.

The same goes for processed starches in pastas, cookies, cakes and pizzas, to state the most popular foods here. Now, eating these foods occasionally is fine. Most vegan athletes do, of course. It's the daily consumption of those dishes that'll leave you feeling bloated and heavy. And people still wonder why they don't shed any excess weight.

My appetite is different every day and I mostly tend to go by what I feel my body needs. It all comes naturally to me. I never count calories and automatically turn to fresh foods whereas cantine food, soggy wheat bread rolls and the colour of a meat dish just doesn't bring on my appetite.

I eat 60-80% raw and sometimes have a cooked vegan dish. I also love freshly baked wholegrain breadrolls and eat those when I feel like it. In the weeks after my last ultramarathon I loaded up on tons of fresh fruits and greens. And I've stayed perfectly healthy so far when usually after a hard race the risk increases to catch a cold or worse, the flu.

So, during my intense research on other people's experiences in becoming vegan athletes I stumbled on the wonderful Raw Divas and discovered a whole new world of helpful tips and recommendations for anyone interested in becoming a vegan athlete.

When I now reflect on the past eighteen months I can honestly say that my way of eating has contributed a great deal to my ultramarathon performances given that I've only started appropriate ultrarunning training 22 months ago.

I've not suffered any long-term injuries and have reached a point now where I know what my body needs.

The answer to the question really is: You could run and perform even better, faster and feel even more energetic than you do now if you add more and more raw and fresh foods to your diet. It doesn't need to be a radical change from one day to the next.

Almost instantly you'll notice how good you feel eating less processed foods and animal protein. After about four weeks you likely won't want to return to your old habits. Welcome to the world of vegan athletes.

Your body will become leaner, you'll be bouncing off the walls and be able to step up your training to the next level.

Are you curious about the secrets of raw and vegan athletes?

Would you like to learn more about the benefits so that you can become an even stronger ultrarunner?

It only takes half an hour for you to become an expert yourself. Tim van Orden, a very successful distance runner gave Tera Warner surprising answers to her burning questions. She found out

  • What the ideal pre-race nutrition consists of and how to best fuel the body during and after your races and training/li>

  • How much protein you really need
  • Why an increasing number of distance runners shift toward a (raw) vegan diet
  • How to find a good ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats without falling into the trap of extensively counting calories
  • Why amino acids are crucial and what the best food sources are
  • Which two types of running workouts you most benefit from
  • When the use of a heart rate monitor makes sense
  • The most effective mental strategy to help you through a physical low during racing

Take a look at this video and watch how Tim un-covers the iron myth. It is so simple yet far too many people think they need all that animal protein.

Maybe not...

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

"I witnessed so many ridiculous physical transformations...I gained muscle mass without doing any type of exercise. I was bouncing off the walls with all of this energy."

"...the brain will start to poison your starts telling your muscles that they're tired."

"When you take hot liquid or food and put it into your stomach... Now your body will have to produce extra enzymes, which will be killed off until the food cools down long before they actually are."

Feel free to order your copy of this amazingly interesting ebook and feel inspired by Tim's story here and within two minutes you can sit back, relax and see the real secrets of vegan athletes reveal in front of you.

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