What Is The Minimum Mileage When Training For a 50K Race?

by Amanda

I have ran 2 marathons, last one this year was a very rugged, a difficult trail race (5:37). Ran a recent 50k, (6:55:11) which is rated the most difficult in the Midwest.

I´m 36 years old, have 2 small children, I´m stay- at-home mom, would love to run 65-70 miles a week but finding that very difficult at this time due to small children.

I started running longer distances consistently for the past two years.

I know I can do better and know specific details of what to improve on and that is nutrition and quality tempo and hill workouts. What type of training runs do you recommend?

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Nov 18, 2013
Quality over Quantity NEW
by: Anna from URI

This is one of the most recurring questions from runners that want to step up to the distance or have tried various types of training recommendations that turned out not what they expected.

So here are the key points to be considered when you´re training for a 50K up to 80 and even 100K:

> Run 4-6x times per week

> Integrate hill work, tempo runs and intervals as shorter sessions into your training to improve speed endurance

> Have an easier day or rest between, say, a tempo run and hill training

> Back-to-Back runs are a must-do: Run on two consecutive days whereas the first run is longer than the second run. For example: 2 hours on a Saturday and 90 mins. the next day

> Split your training into three 1-week blocks and build volume and intensity each week

> Go much easier during the 4th week

> Make sure to eat a balanced diet of fresh, preferably unprocessed foods and always try to have a small snack like a smoothie or healthy bar within 15 minutes of finishing your workout to allow the body to recover quicker

> Be aware of smaller niggles and pains and act on them immediately to prevent from greater injury

Have fun all along your journey!

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